The Abduction

I’m hoping for a second part to this story.


“Hold still, Nekoda,” his mother
admonishes him as he flinches away from the tugging of her comb. “You want to
look presentable for God, don’t you?”

“Grampa never brushed his hair,”
Nekoda grumbles. “He always said if God wanted him to have straight hair, he
would’ve been born with it.”

“I know what your grandfather said,” his mother says,
emphasizing the word grandfather as a subtle reminder to speak ‘properly.’ “And
he lost his way after God called Grandmother to heaven. I’m sure that now that
they’re together again he’s dressed like a proper gentleman.”

Nekoda wasn’t so sure. The last
time he’d seen his grandmother he’d been a baby, so he didn’t know what his
grandpa was like when she was alive, but he’d seen the pictures of them dressed
for church. His hair was slicked back, but his smile in those photos wasn’t
anything like Nekoda remembered. Grampa’s…

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i looked up through the inky darkness
and realized
even holy water won’t wash my sins clean
so i tried to wash them in bourbon
but only lit a fire
that threatened to burn me alive

20181215 -001

demon shadow

i looked at my demon

and thought he was big and strong

then i realized

he was never as large

as my fears made him seem

i was looking at a shadow

the demons shadow

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